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About Us

Keep Your Wine Cold or Give a Must Have Gift!

In 2018, my husband and I were traveling for our anniversary. I ordered a glass of rose' by the pool and it was served to me in a small plastic cup. I thought to myself...…..there has got to be a better way to enjoy your wine! When we returned, I searched the internet trying to find a solution. I wanted to find something that would keep the wine cold and also safely resemble a wine glass to drink outdoors. That is when the idea for ChilledVino* was born.

I wanted to create something that people could enjoy their wine in an outdoor setting, and also not feel pressured to drink as fast as possible. We created a chilled wine glass that is specifically designed to keep your drink as cold as possible for longer whether you are indoors or outside by the water.

Our chilled drinkware is BPA free, and we only use packaging that can be recycled. To learn more about our products and how they can keep wine cool, please feel free to connect with us and visit our FAQ page. Our products are perfect for the beach, as a bachelorette gift, or however you want to enjoy wine. Cheers!

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