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Chilled Drinkware FAQ

If you're interested in our selection of chilled wine glasses but you would like some more information, feel free to read on to learn more!

How Much Wine Can ChilledVino Frosty Drinkware Hold?

Our chilled wine glass can hold up to 8 oz of wine! This amounts to about one-third of a standard bottle, making our chilled drinkware the perfect size to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend or partner anywhere in the Charleston, SC area.  

How Large is ChilledVino?

Our chilled wine glass is 9.5" in height and 4.25" wide, making it easy to fit into your freezer. 

How Long Does ChilledVino Work?

ChilledVino Frosty Drinkware is designed to keep your wine cold for about an hour. If you'd like to keep your wine at its ideal temperature for even longer, our chilled drinkware is the perfect option!

How Do I Use my ChilledVino Frosty Drinkware?

Using our chilled drinkware couldn't be easier! For best results, place your ChilledVino upside down in your freezer for at least four hours before you intend to use it. 

How Do I Care for My Cold Wine Glass?

ChilledVino Frosty Drinkware is not dishwasher safe. Wash it by hand and then air dry or use a clean towel to easily dry your drinkware. 

When Can I Use My ChilledVino Frosty Drinkware?

Our cold wine glass is made to be durable and elegant to enhance your outdoor drinking experience. The potential uses are endless - enjoy your chilled wine glasses to keep your wine cool during a picnic, outdoor dinner, summer concert, or walk on the beach. Our glasses come in multiple colors for maximum flexibility. Give a set of chilled wine glasses as a unique birthday, wedding, or bachelorette gift to keep the party going for even longer!